Works for 2-6 players

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For Alto Saxophone and Piano

(2019) 5 minutes

Commissioned by Jonathan Radford and the Royal Overseas League, to be premiered at the Brighton Festival, 20th May 2019



For Violin and Piano

(2020) 4 minutes

Commissioned by Elena Urioste and Tom Poster for their #UriPostJukebox project.

Cloud Movements

Cloud Movements .jpg

For Clarinet, Violin and Piano
2014 (8 minutes)

"From its mysterious opening, sacred in a way familiar from Messiaen’s music, through quirky dance rhythms and soulful refrains the piece ends up in Aaron Copland territory with its open expression..."  

Colin Anderson, Classical Source


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For Soprano, Piccolo and Bass Clarinet
(2009) 3 minutes
Text by Blanche Ebbutt

"Jane Manning gives a priceless performance of Frances-Hoad’s 70th birthday gift, a witty homage compiled from the ludicrous Dont’s for Wives (1913)." Helen Wallace, BBC Music Magazine

Endless Forms Most Beautiful 


For Soprano and String Quartet
(2019) 20 minutes

"Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a shrewd, witty and imaginative song-cycle by Cheryl Frances-Hoad, the associate composer at the Oxford Lieder Festival...Frances-Hoad turns silence into a canvas on to which flourishes are painted with bold, deft brushstrokes. Voice and quartet interacted in interesting ways, and strong ideas were given space" 

Rebecca Franks, The Times 

Five Rackets for Trio Relay

Image coming soon.jpg

For Double Piano Trio
(2012) 12 minutes

 "...the five movements take their titles from Olympic events, translating them into musical gestures. Typically for Frances-Hoad, it's her knack of making the simplest ideas seem freshly imagined that is so captivating." 

Andrew Clements, The Guardian

The Forgiveness Machine

The Forgiveness Machine.jpg

For Piano Trio
(2010) 12 minutes

"...the superb single-movement piano trio, The Forgiveness Machine, which sums up perfectly in 12 minutes the originality of her music." 

Andrew Clements, The Guardian

The Glory Tree

The Glory Tree.jpg

For Soprano and Ensemble
(2005) 15 minutes

"The Glory Tree is a setting of an Anglo-Saxon text for soprano and ensemble in five movements. Frances-Hoad seems to have a natural affinity for working with text. The ensemble writing is well balanced and makes use of an enticing range of textures and moods."

Carla Rees, MusicWeb International 

 Heart of Glass

Image coming soon.jpg

For Trumpet and Piano
(2017) 5 minutes

Commissioned by Brant Tilds and premiered by Brant and Cheryl Frances-Hoad at the Bear Club,
Luton, 20th June 2017.

How to Win an Election

Image coming soon.jpg

For Mezzo Soprano and Bass Clarinet
(2017) 6.5 minutes

"Frances-Hoad has provided a remarkably contemporary setting of some advice from the Roman statesman Quintus Tullius Cicero (102BC-43BC) on How to Win an exciting tour de force..." 

John France, MusicWeb International

I'll Have the Whetstone

Image coming soon.jpg

For Soprano and Recorders (1 player)
2017 (3 minutes)

Commissioned by John Turner for Gordon Crosse's 80th Birthday concert at Manchester University, 22nd October 2017.



For String Quartet
(2017) 4 minutes

"The organic thematic development, gradual enrichening of the texture and augmentation of the rhythmic values, together with steadily rising pitch, creates a wonderful sense of brightening – as if the sun has emerged and its rays steep a previously shadowed landscape..." 

Claire Seymour, Seen and Heard International



For Cello and Piano
(2007) 4 minutes

"The most striking piece of all, though, is Invocation; scored for solo cello, six cellos and double bass, its subterranean rumblings underpin a long-limbed, achingly expressive melodic line."

Andrew Clements, The Guardian 


(Double Bass Arrangement)


For Cello and Piano
(2010) 4 minutes

An arrangement of Invocation for double bass and piano

Invoke Now The Angels

Invoke Now the Angels.jpg

For Soprano, Mezzo Soprano,
Countertenor and Piano 
(2013) 12 minutes
Text by Kei Miller

"A large-scale, powerful piece with angular harmonies and a remarkable spareness."

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

"A gripping dramatic scena" 

Arnold Whittall, Gramophone Magazine​

Love Bytes

Love Bytes.jpg

For Soprano, Baritone, Vibraphone and Cello
(2012) 4.5 minutes
Libretto by Tamsin Collison

"Frances-Hoad treads the fine line between a Walton-esque flippancy and the fragility of human connection and alienation; there is both wit and poignancy" Claire Seymour, Opera Today

"A snappy commentary on cyber-dating" Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine

The Madness Industry

The Madness Industry.jpg

For Brass Quintet
(2012) 12 minutes

"Frances-Hoad's The Madness Industry for brass quintet snarls and unsettles, performed with biting wit and precision by Onyx Brass"

 Kate Wakeling, BBC Music Magazine



For Violin and Piano
(2015) 3 minutes

"Mazurka by Cheryl Frances-Hoad successfully follows the history of this dance through all its manifestations...the response to Sibelius was stimulating and engrossing." 

Edward Clark, Classical Source



For Piano Trio
(2012) 12 minutes

"Frances-Hoad’s sumptuous harmonic language is powerful and expressive by equal measure, and her compositional language already, in 1999 when this was composed, shows maturity. The piece takes the form of a theme and three variations, and is based on a work by Edvard Munch." Carla Rees, MusicWeb International


Image coming soon.jpg

For Oboe (doubling Cor Anglais, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano
(2002) 17 minutes

"...luminous textures and plentiful doublings, often producing an uncanny effect of more instruments than the five in play...intricate in argument, sometimes impassioned, sometimes mercurial, always compelling in its authority."

Robin Holloway, The Spectator

My Day in Hell

My Day in Hell.jpg

For String Quartet
(2010) 10 minutes

"The music is highly wrought, yet piled high with emotional content, and in a curious way it is very English-sounding too..." 

Andrew Clements, The Guardian

My Fleeting Angel

My Fleeting Angel.jpg

For Piano Trio

(2005) 9 minutes

"The central scherzo is a particularly dazzling display of coruscating lines and changing rhythms, building towards a strong and arresting climax. The waltz that follows has a sense of ambiguous charm." 

Carla Rees, MusicWeb International 

The Ogre Lover

The Ogre Lover.jpg

For String Trio
(2007) 9 minutes

"There is a sense of playfulness here, with a variety of textures within the episodes describing dream-like images. This is a piece which appeals to the imagination and demonstrates Frances-Hoad’s compositional craft." Carla Rees, MusicWeb International 

Pay Close Attention

Image coming soon.jpg

For Violin, Viola (or 2nd Violin), Cello and Piano
(2009) 4 minutes

Pay Close Attention was written for the Schubert Ensemble's Chamber Music 2000 project and premiered by studnets at the Junior Royal College of Music at the Purcell Room in 2009.

Pieces of Light

Image coming soon.jpg

For Renaissance Recorder Quartet
(2018) 5 minutes

Commissioned by The Flautadors for their 20th Anniversary, premiere date/venue tbc.

The Prophecy

The Prophecy.jpg

For Cello and Piano
(1998) 15 minutes

The Prophecy was commissioned by the 1998 Manchester International Cello Festival and premiered by Rebecca Giller and Simon Parkin.

Reverie and Riddle Dance

Image coming soon.jpg

For Trombone and Piano
(2017) 6 minutes

Private commission: two short pieces suitable for
Grade 8 standard players.

Scenes from Autistic Bedtimes

Image coming soon.jpg

For Treble, Soprano, Vibraphone, Cello and Piano
(2013) 10 minutes
Text by Stuart Murray

"A heart-shredding portrait of life with an autistic child." Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine



For Violin and Piano
(2016) 12 minutes

"This 16-minute work is a powerful, dynamic and often moving contribution to the violin and piano repertoire." John France, MusicWeb International

Songs and Dances

Songs and Dances.jpg

For Cello and Piano
(2011) 12 minutes

"An elegiac quality also marked Frances-Hoad's new work...Handled with assurance by the composer and beautifully articulated by [cellist] JamieWalton, such elegies are far from inappropriate for the cello's timbre, and in Elgar country, too..."

Rian Evans, The Guardian

Tales of the Invisible


For Clarinet and String Quartet
(2019) 15 minutes

"Frances-Hoad’s enigmatic piece bewitches and bewilders" David Truslove, Classical Source

"Far from any basking in the collegiate warmth of Mozart and Brahms’s clarinet quintets, Frances-Hoad’s has the chill of unspoken hostility as well as a certain humanity. It should prove a good foil for the classic works." Rian Evans, The Guardian

Unto the Rainbow

Unto the Rainbow.jpg

For Flugelhorn, Piano and Electronics
(2016) 6 minutes

Unto the Rainbow was commissioned by The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers and premiered by Brant Tilds and Cheryl Frances-Hoad at Clothworkers' Hall, London, on the 21st March 2016.

The Whole Earth Dances

The Whole Earth Dances.jpg

For Piano Quintet
(2016) 11 minutes

"The Whole Earth Dances is a work that begins abrasively but gradually acquires a sense of vision through the intricate interweaving of lyrical lines and a steady infusion of super-enriched, Messiaen-like harmony. It achieves a radiant close." George Hall, The Guardian

Une Charogne


For Contralto and Piano 
(2019) 6 minutes
Poem by Charles Baudelaire

Commissioned by the Oxford Lieder Festival and premiered by Jess Dandy and Dylan Perez at the Holywell Music Room on the 23rd October 2019.

You Promised Me Everything

Last Night

You Promised Me Everything Last

 For Soprano, Piano Four Hands and Cello

(2011) 3 minutes

"Dark humour also propels the daring outcry You Promised Me Everything Last Night, for high soprano." 

Helen Wallace, BBC Music Magazine