A World of Worlds 

For SSA Choir
(2017) 5 minutes
Text by Margaret Cavendish

Premiered by St. Catherine's College Girls' Choir, conducted by Edward Wickham, at St. Catherine's College Chapel on 28th April 2017. 


Just like as in a nest of boxes round,

Degrees of sizes in each box are found:

So, in this world, may many others be

Thinner and less, and less still by degree:

Although they are not subject to our sense,

A world may be no bigger than two-pence.

Nature is curious, and such works may shape,

Which our dull senses easily escape:

For creatures, small as atoms, may there be,

If every one a creature’s figure bear.

If atoms four, a world can make, then see

What several worlds might in an ear-ring be:

For, millions of those atoms may be in

The head of one small, little, single pin.

And if thus small, then ladies may well wear

A world of worlds, as pendents in each ear.

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle (1623-73)

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