Chorus a cappella / Chorus plus 1 instrument

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As Sin is Nothing, 

Let it Nowhere Be

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For SATB Choir (with divisions) and Organ
(2019) 4 minutes
Text by John Donne

Commissioned by Lincoln's Inn for a performance by the Chapel Choir in 2020.

Awake, My Soul

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For TrATB Choir (with divisions) and Organ
(2019) 4 minutes
Text by Thomas Ken

Commissioned by Winchester College for the 2020 Choir Schools' Association Conference. To be premiered  by Winchester College Chapel Choir, May 2020.

Beyond the Night Sky

Beyond the Night Sky.jpg

For SATB Choir (with divisions)
(2017) 4 minutes
Text by Steven Schnurr/
Stephen Hawking

After hearing the work performed, Hawking responded “I am honoured to have this piece dedicated to me on my birthday celebrations this year…..Listening to her [Frances-Hoad’s] music takes us all on a mental journey around the universe.” 

Adam Care, Cambridge News

Bogoróitseévo, ráduys̃i︠a︡


For SATB Choir (with divisions)
(2019) 3 minutes

Commissioned by Steve Chevis in loving memory of Barbara Chevis for Sonoro's Choral Inspirations Project. 

Earth Puts Her Colours By

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For TrATB Choir (with divisions) and Organ
(2019) 4 minutes
Text by P.H.B. Lyons

Commissioned by Elmley Foundation, to be premiered by Worcester Cathedral Choir in 2020.

Even You Song

Even You Song.jpg

For TrATB Choir, Children's Choir and Organ
(2016) 50 minutes
Libretto by Lucy Sheerman

"Even You Song is sui generis, and a description hardly does it justice. I went along in the spirit of sceptical interest, heartened by the possibility of hearing some of Frances Hoad's music, yet I came away moved and convinced. All at Peterborough Cathedral music be congratulated on having the vision to take part in the event."

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Floodlight, Starlight

Floodlight, Starlight.jpg

For SATB Choir (with divisions)
(2012) 4 minutes
Text by Adam Strickson

Commissioned by Leeds University Union Music Society Chamber Choir for their end of year concert.

From the Beginning

of the World

From the Beginning of the World.jpg

(2015) 11 minutes
Text by Tycho Brahe

"What a sound. Frances-Hoad drenched each phrase in dramatic expression – wonderment and horror, principally – of the most ravishing intensity. Dissonant chords of breathtaking complexity squirmed and spun, while exposed vocal lines...weaved an astonishing tapestry of vocal and emotional colours."

Matthew Wright, the Arts Desk 

Gaude et Laetare

Gaude et Laetare.jpg

For SSATBarB Choir

(2016) 5 minutes

"Here the bells ring out in a tour de force of rousing harmonic daring." Malcolm Riley, Gramophone Magazine

Good Day, Sir Christemas

Good Day.jpg

For SATB Choir
(2015) 3 minutes

Commissioned by BBC Music Magazine for the 2016 
Christmas Issue.

In the Crypt of the Wood

In the Crypt of the Wood.jpg

For CtTTBarB 
(2015) 6 minutes

"The composer’s characteristic sensitivity to text is evidenced by the way the relationships between the diverse texts – which include excerpts from the Bible, the poetry of David Jones, The Poetic Edda, Norwegian and Anglo Saxon Rune poetry and the Latin hymn Vexilla Regis (The Holy Cross) – are given musical form" Claire Seymour, Seen and Heard International

Introit and Blessing

(O Come, Let Us Sing Unto the Lord)

Introit and Blessing.jpg

For SATB Choir
(2012) 5 minutes

Commissioned by Colin Hutchinson and dedicated to the memory of Ken Hutchinson (1920-2006) of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex: a respected Headteacher, he loved the English choral tradition.

Lordings, Listen to

Our Lay

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For SATB Choir
(2017) 4 minutes

Commissioned by The Worshipful Company of Musicians for their 2017 Christmas Carol Service.

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis.jpg

For SATB Choir (with divisions) and Organ
(2016) 7.5 minutes

"The Magnificat has identifiable Frances-Hoad fingerprints, piquant harmonies, chromatic twists and turns, a degree of rhythmic freedom...the Nunc Dimittis, contrasts the lowest range of the men’s voices with the highest range of the children’s; it swells and fades most movingly." Richard Hanlon, MusicWeb International 

Nunc Dimittis

Nunc Dimittis.jpg

For 21 Solo Voices
(2000) 4 minutes

"Brief this three-minute work may be but there is no shortage of intensity and range: as the accumulating voices cascade, rebound and then retreat, Frances-Hoad’s sensitivity to the text is once again confirmed. The solo soprano’s final, ecstatic high C shines like a starlight into the cosmos."

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

The Promised Light

of Life

Promised Light of Life.jpg

For CtTTBarB 
(2015) 4 minutes

"Frances-Hoad’s The Promised Light of Life was similarly tender of timbre, but more comforting in spirit, the ensemble voices swelling and receding with organic oneness. This was a hypnotic conjuring of peace and everlasting assurance." 

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

Psalm No. 1

Psalm No. 1.jpg

For SATB Choir (with divisions) and Organ 
(2009) 7 minutes

Winner of the 2010 British Composer Award (Liturgical category)

"Frances-Hoad’s eclectic and beautiful setting of Psalm No. 1... its use of light and shade and extraordinary final organ chord glissandoed into the heights and depths of the instrument’s range, as if the entire building was exhaling a final breath." 

Guido Martin-Brandis, Varsity Magazine

Psalm No. 6

Psalm 6.jpg

For SATB Choir (with divisions)
(2014) 4 minutes

Commissioned by Help Musicians UK for the 2014 Festival of St. Cecilia at Westminster Cathedral. Performed by the combined choirs of St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, conducted by Martin Baker.

So True a Fool is Love

So True a Fool is Love.jpg

For SATB Choir (with divisions)
(2016) 4 minutes
Text by Shakespeare
(Sonnet No. 57)

Commissioned by the London Oriana Choir as part of their five15 project. Premiered by the choir conducted by Dominic Peckham at the Cutty Sark, July 2016.

There is No Rose

There is no Rose.jpg

For SATB Choir (with divisions)
(1995) 4 minutes

"There is No Rose won Frances-Hoad the Bach Choir Carol Competition in 1995 and was premiered by the choir at the Albert Hall that year...he composition shows an astonishing command of textural and harmonic nuance, and such subtleties capture the both the meditative and exhilarating qualities of the text." Claire Seymour, Opera Today

Things Grow

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Mixed choir (any voices) and instruments
(2017) 10 minutes
Text by Molly Naylor

Commissioned by Norfolk Music Hub and premiered by Showstoppers Choir of a Thousand at the closing ceremony of the Royal Norfolk Show, June 2017.

This Time is Born

a Child


For SATB Choir
(2014) 2 minutes
Anonymous 15th Century text

"Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s This Time is Born a Child is an essay in how to do quiet simplicity, with enough harmonic individuality to avoid being a medieval pastiche." 

Christian Morris, Composition Today

The Tym is All Ronne

The Tym is All Ronne.jpg

For SATB Choir (with divisions)
(2016) 4 minutes

Commissioned by The London Oriana Choir as part of their five15 project and premiered by the choir in their 2016 Christmas Carol service, conducted by Dominic Peckham.

A World of Worlds

A World of Worlds.jpg

For SSA Choir
(2017) 5 minutes
Text by Margaret Cavendish

Commissioned for the Girls' Choir of St Catharine's College, Cambridge by Rona Fairhead, to mark the retirement from the Mastership of Professor Dame Jean Thomas. Premiered by the choir conducted by Edward Wickham at the College Chapel on the 28th April 2017.