Discs of Cheryl's Music

The Whole Earth Dances


September 2020

Chamber Works

"Covering nearly two decades of composition, the fifth and final Champs Hill release devoted to the music of Cheryl Frances-Hoad focuses on her works for chamber forces. A wide variety of influences lie behind the featured pieces, suggesting an open-mindedness and curiosity that keeps the material enterprising and fresh." Paul Conway, Musical Opinion

Magic Lantern Tales

Magic Lantern Tales.png

November 2018

A collection of songs set to texts by Ian McMillan, Andrew Motion, Kei Miller, Kate Wakeling, Tamsin Collison and Stuart Murray.

"The album title is taken from the opening cycle on World War One poems by Ian McMillan, in which the composer follows a well-trodden English path, but with her own highly persuasive contemporary language." Jessica Duchen,

BBC Music Magazine

Even You Song

Even You Song.jpg

December 2017

An Evensong-inspired work for choir and organ

"As ever, Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s music is frequently challenging, always original and sometimes deeply moving. The whole undertaking seems to have been an unqualified success, and I wholeheartedly commend this disc to one and all."

Richard Hanlon,

MusicWeb International

Stolen Rhythm

Stolen Rhythm.png

June 2017

Chamber Orchestral and Chamber Works

"Frances-Hoad’s implicit trust in the expressive power of her melodic invention and harmonic thinking is paramount...That may seem to be an old-fashioned approach, but nothing in Frances-Hoad’s music ever sounds secondhand."

Andrew Clements, The Guardian

You Promised Me Everything

Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 18.18.06.png

July 2014

Vocal and Choral Works

"Someone should commission a music theatre piece from Cheryl Frances Hoad: this disc reveals a dramatic instinct straining at the leash..."

Helen Wallace, 

BBC Music Magazine

The Glory Tree

The Glory Tree.png

May 2011

Chamber Works

"Frances-Hoad is a remarkable talent. This retrospective of her chamber works is like a declaration of faith in the eternal verities of composition. Traditional skilfulness does not preclude originality and, indeed, audacity."

Paul Driver, The Sunday Times


Other discs featuring Cheryl's music



March 2022

Works for flute, clarinet and harp featuring Frances-Hoad's Vocalise. 

The Jukebox Album


September 2021

Works for violin and piano performed by Elena Urioste and Tom Poster featuring Frances-Hoad's Bloom. Winner of the 2022 BBC Music Magazine Premiere Award.



September 2021

Works for solo organ performed by Anna Lapwood including Frances-Hoad's Taking Your Leave.



November 2019

Works for vocal ensemble performed by The Gesualdo Six, featuring Frances-Hoad's The Promised Light of Life. 


Ivana Gavric Origins.jpg

September 2019

Works for solo piano and piano and orchestra, including Frances-Hoad's piano concerto Between the Skies, the River and the Hills

So Many Stars

So many stars.jpg

February 2019

Works for Violin and Piano performed by Fenella Humphreys and Nicola Eimer, featuring Frances-Hoad's Sonatina.

Bass Clarinet and Friends

Bass Clarinet and Friends.png

September 2018

Works for Bass Clarinet and other instruments, featuring Frances-Hoad's How to Win an Election for mezzo soprano and bass clarinet, performed by Alison Wells and Ian Mitchell.

Sixteen Contemporary
Love Songs

Love Songs.jpg

June 2018

Works for solo piano performed by William Howard, featuring Frances-Hoad's Love Song for Dusty.

The Silver Stars at Play:
Contemporary Christmas Carols

The Silver Stars at play.jpg

December 2017

Christmas Carols performed by the Kantos Chamber Choir, featuring Frances-Hoad's This Time is Born a Child.

Kol Nidrei: Elegy for Pamela

Elegy for Pamela.jpg

November 2017

Works for string quartet performed by the Wihan Quartet, featuring Frances-Hoad's Invocatio.

Music for the
Queen of Heaven

Music for the Queen of Heaven.jpg

October 2017

Works for vocal ensemble performed by the Marian Consort, featuring Frances-Hoad's Gaude et Laetare.



May 2017

Chamber and Chamber Orchestral works, featuring Frances-Hoad's 

The Madness Industry.

Cloths of Heaven

Cloths of Heaven.jpg

February 2017

Choral works performed by Sansara, featuring Frances-Hoad's 

Oh come, let us sing unto the Lord.

The Franklin Effect

The Franklin Effect.jpg

October 2016

Works for vocal quartet performed by Electric Voice Theatre, featuring Frances-Hoad's Photo 51.

Bach2the Future

Bach2 the Future.jpg

October 2015

Works for solo violin performed by Fenella Humphreys, featuring Frances-Hoad 

Suite No. 1.

Love Said to Me

Love said to me.jpg

September 2014

Works for soprano and piano performed by Caroline MacPhie and Joseph Middleton, featuring Frances-Hoad's 

Two Shakespeare Songs. 

Dream Rotation

Dream Rotation.jpg

August 2014

Works for solo piano performed by Natalie Bleicher, featuring Frances-Hoad's 

Song Without Words. 

Speak Now

Speak Now.jpg

November 2013

Works for tenor saxophone performed by Matt London, featuring Frances-Hoad's Sarcanthus.

Grieg: Piano Works

Ivana Gavric Grieg piano works.jpg

September 2013

Grieg Piano works performed by Ivana Gavric, featuring Frances-Hoad's Contemplation (Homage to Grieg).

The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home.jpg

October 2012

Works for piano trio performed by the Lawson Trio, featuring Frances-Hoad's

Five Rackets for Trio Relay for double piano trio (with pupils from Chetham's School of Music).