Gaude et Laetare

(2016) 5 minutes

Commissioned by the Marian Consort and premiered at the Kendal Midday Concert Club, Kendal Town Hall, 2nd November 2016.


Gaude et laetare, exultatio angelorum.

Gaude domini virgo, prophetarum gaudium.

Gaudeas benedicta, Dominus tecum est.

Gaude, quae per angelum gaudium mundi suscepisti.

Gaude, quae genuisti Factorem et Dominum.

Gaudeas quae digna es esse Mater Christi.

Gaude mater luminis.


Rejoice and be glad, you who are the angels’ exultation;

Rejoice, the Lord’s virgin, the prophets’ joy;

May you rejoice, blessed one, the Lord is with you;

Rejoice, you who received the world’s joy through the angel Gabriel;

Rejoice, you who bore the Creator and Lord;

May you rejoice, you who are worthy to be Mother of Christ;

Rejoice, Mother of Light.

Byzantine, 6th century or earlier; in Latin translation used in the Ambrosian Missal as the Transitorium for the Third Mass of Christmas

Translation © 2016 Henry Howard


"Particularly striking are the strong, punchy response to the Magnificat from Roxanna Panufnik in her St Pancras Service and the exhilarating and virtuosic response of Cheryl Frances-Hoad in Gaude et laetare." 

Julian Elloway, The Royal School of Church Music 

Gaude et Laetare is a richly canonic 2015 setting of a sixth-century text used during the Third Mass of Christmas. The composers takes her cue from the joyfulness of the title and includes some delightful whooping glissandos and woozily melismatic writing in this ecstatic, spirited and uplifting celebration.” Paul Conway, Musical Opinion

"Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s Gaude et Laetare is rhythmically forthright and bold..."

Michael Quinn, Classical Ear 

"Much of the music in this programme is fairly tranquil but Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s Gaude et laetare is aptly described by Alexandra Coghlan as “a thrill-ride of an anthem”. The parts tumble over one another in a manner that’s somewhat akin to (deliberately) chaotic bell peals. Just to add to the excitement, glissandi are thrown into the mix from time to time. This is a highly exuberant piece and one that demands considerable virtuosity from the performers." 

John Quinn, MusicWeb International 

"The most recent track, dating from 2016, is Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s Gaude et laetare. Here the bells ring out in a tour de force of rousing harmonic daring." Malcolm Riley, Gramophone Magazine

Performance history (post-premiere)

2nd December 2019 - Schola Cantorum conducted by Steven Grahl at the University Church, Oxford, UK

12th July 2019 - The ORA Singers at St Mary’s Arts Centre, Deal, UK as part of the Deal Music and Arts Festival

10th July 2019 - The ORA Singers at Cheltenham College Chapel, Cheltenham UK

30th June 2019 - The ORA Singers at SJE Arts, Oxford, UK

1st June 2019 - The ORA Singers at LSO St Lukes, London, UK

30th November 2018 - the BBC Singers conducted by Ben Palmer at St. Giles' Cripplegate, London, UK

27th April 2017 - The Marian Consort  at Bunyan Meeting, Bedford, UK 

6th April 2017 - The Marian Consort at St. Peter’s Eaton Square, London, UK


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