Invocation/Invocation for Yodit

Various orchestrations
4 minutes
Originally written in 2000

Invocation was originally the second movement of Melancholia, Cheryl's first piano trio. In 2007 Cheryl arranged this movement for solo cello, six cellos and double bass at the suggestion of cellist Leonid Gorokhov, to record on her first CD, The Glory Tree

Since then she also arranged the work for double bass and piano (buy here), and used it as a middle movement in Songs and Dances which Cheryl later arranged for violin and piano at the request of Fenella Humphreys to record as Sonatina on her and Nicola Eimer's So Many Stars CD.

Finally, Cheryl also arranged Invocation for cello and string orchestra (under the title of Invocation for Yodit) in memory of Yodit Tekle as part of Martin's Anderson's Music for My Love project. 

Reviews (for the cello and ensemble version)

"The most striking piece of all, though, is Invocation; scored for solo cello, six cellos and double bass, its subterranean rumblings underpin a long-limbed, achingly expressive melodic line."

Andrew Clements, The Guardian 

"The rich and luxurious sound of Invocation,scored for seven cellos and double-bass, comes as a complete contrast to the brightness of the previous work. Here, Frances-Hoad has captured a wonderful resonance of sound, and I found this short work deeply touching." Carla Rees, MusicWeb Internationa

Performance history (post-premiere)

21st October 2014 - The Flex Ensemble at Galerie Kubus, Hannover, Germany (cello and piano version)


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