Love (of the Sort I'm After)

Tenor and Piano
(2017) 3 minutes
Text by Laura Mucha

Commissioned by the Prince Consort and premiered by Andy Staples and Alisdair Hogarth at the Wigmore Hall, London, UK on the 6th June 2018.


Read the text of Laura Mucha's poem on her website here


"Love (of the sort that I’m after) found a perfect balance and counterpoint of verbal and musical expression: the setting of Mucha’s text gave the words room to breathe, while offering delicate inferences in the harmony and piano texture, and unaccompanied lines let the abstractions and florid imagery speak for themselves. This song truly captured the spirit of a troubadour’s troubled yet courtly love." 

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

Performance history (post-premiere)

27th May 2017 - Andy Staples and Alisdair Hogarth at St. Swithin's, Bath, UK - part of the BathSongs Series at The Bath Festival