Many Moons

For Orchestra
(2007) 12 minutes
Orchestration: 3(pic,afl).2+ca.2+2bcl.2+cbn/2200/2perc/hp/str(

Written as part of Cheryl's PhD in Composition at King's College London, and unperformed to date. Many Moons is inspired by the poetry of Giaconda Belli.

Programme note

Many Moons is based on five poems by Gioconda Belli (a Nicaraguan poet born in 1948), selected from Brief Lessons in Eroticism I and II.  Each poem forms the basis for one of the five movements in Many Moons, some being closely based on the texts, others taking only a sentence or a few words as their inspiration.  

The allegorical image of waves in the first poem inspired a harmonic progression that runs throughout the whole first movement (from closed (an eight-note chord spanning the range of an eleventh) to open (the same chord, but rearranged to encompass a range of just over five octaves)). These chords then form the basis of the following four


Each of the movements of Many Moons was loosely modelled on a movement from a baroque suite: the first movement is a (well-disguised) Sarabande, the third movement a Minuet and Trio, and the fifth a Passacaglia.  The second and fourth movements do not use dance movements as their models, the former being improvisational in character (and vaguely thought of as a wrongly-placed Prelude), the latter containing canonic elements, and being influenced by Renaissance polyphony. 

© Cheryl Frances-Hoad, 2007


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