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Blurry Bagatelle

Blurry Bagatelle.jpg

For Solo Piano
(2017) 4 minutes

"Frances-Hoad’s Blurry Bagatelle was influenced by Beethoven’s Op 126 no 5. Phrases and gestures from the model found their way into the new piece, whose title alludes to chords sustained by pedal and fingers. Tender and affecting, this tribute piece conveyed the serenity and humanity of its source material." 

Paul Conway, Musical Opinion


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For Solo Piano

(2013) 2 minutes

Commissioned by the ABRSM and featured in the

2019-2020 Grade 7 Piano Syllabus.

N.B. Commuterland is the same

piece as Bar(tik)Tok 

Ein Feste Burg

Image coming soon.jpg

For Organ
(2017) 4 minutes

 "A meticulous and convincing musical argument...the music’s aural immediacy is absolute..If anyone thought the chorale prelude was a spent idea, this piece emphatically proves otherwise." 


Game On

Image coming soon.jpg

For Piano and Commodore 64
(2016) 15 minutes

Written with funding from the RVW Foundation and premiered by Yshani Perinpanayagam at a NonClassical gig at the Victoria, Dalston on 2nd May 2016.

Homages Book 1

Homages Bk 1.jpg

For Solo Piano

(2015) 12 minutes

(Contemplation, In the Dew, Lullaby, 

Un canard hors de l'eau)

Homages to Grieg, Janacek, Schubert and Ravel

"Delicious bagatelle-character pieces, very emblematic of the composer's æsthetic as a whole." 

Records International 

Homages Book 2

Homages Book 2.jpg

For Solo Piano

(2015) 13 minutes

(Bar(tik)tok, Blurry Bagatelle,

Song Without Words, Stolen Rhythm)

Homages to Bartok, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Haydn

"In each the original composer's signature can be detected, but Frances-Hoad's personality is to the fore too, creating a sequence of delightful character pieces which can be enjoyed without worrying who was inspired by what." Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill 

Kad ja pođoh na Bembašu 

(When I went to Bembasa)


For Solo Piano
(2018) 3 minutes

An arrangement of a traditional song from Sarejevo for solo piano, for pianist Ivana Gavric.

Love Song for Dusty

Love Song for Dusty.jpg

For Solo Piano
(2016) 4 minutes

"Frances-Hoad positively revels in her grandiloquent tribute to Dusty Springfield, piling on the gestures and allusions with unchecked ebullience, unafraid even to sprinkle a little cheese over it all, but the piece proved to be as tasty as it was honest." 5Againt4

Star Falling

Image coming soon.jpg

For Solo Piano
(2002) 2 minutes

"Frances-Hoad‘s contemplative miniature Star Falling is a calm reflection on lines from Else Lasker-Shuler’s poem Reconciliation. Delicate and expressive, with shimmers of star light..."The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Two Organ Voluntaries

Two Organ Voluntaries.jpg

For Organ
(2016) 11 minutes

"The opening organ voluntary, Where Does Your Faith Lie? started from a rumbling low bass in the organ, and rose atmospherically yet thoughtfully... the dramatic and vivid concluding voluntary Taking Your Leave." 

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

"Where does your faith lie? immediately sets a brooding atmosphere of questioning and mystery." 

Terry Blain, BBC Music Magazine