Solo Voice(s) and up to 6 players

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For Mezzo Soprano and Piano
(2010) 28 minutes

"The narrative of the ancient text is abbreviated and tells of Beowulf’s two fights, with Grendel and with the dragon, set within a prologue and epilogue. This composition makes one long for a full-scale operatic work from Frances-Hoad."

Claire Seymour, Opera Today


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For Soprano, Piccolo and Bass Clarinet
(2009) 3 minutes
Text by Blanche Ebbutt

"Jane Manning gives a priceless performance of Frances-Hoad’s 70th birthday gift, a witty homage compiled from the ludicrous Dont’s for Wives (1913)." Helen Wallace, BBC Music Magazine

Endless Forms Most Beautiful 


For Soprano and String Quartet
(2019) 20 minutes
Texts by Deverell, Swain, Barnie and Matthews

"Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a shrewd, witty and imaginative song-cycle by Cheryl Frances-Hoad, the associate composer at the Oxford Lieder Festival...Frances-Hoad turns silence into a canvas on to which flourishes are painted with bold, deft brushstrokes. Voice and quartet interacted in interesting ways, and strong ideas were given space" 

Rebecca Franks, The Times 

The Glory Tree

The Glory Tree.jpg

For Soprano and Ensemble
(2005) 15 minutes

"The Glory Tree is a setting of an Anglo-Saxon text for soprano and ensemble in five movements. Frances-Hoad seems to have a natural affinity for working with text. The ensemble writing is well balanced and makes use of an enticing range of textures and moods."

Carla Rees, MusicWeb International 

How to Win an Election

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For Mezzo Soprano and Bass Clarinet
(2016) 6.5 minutes
Text by Quintus Tullius Cicero

"Frances-Hoad has provided a remarkably contemporary setting of some advice from the Roman statesman Quintus Tullius Cicero (102BC-43BC) on How to Win an exciting tour de force..." 

John France, MusicWeb International

I'll Have the Whetstone

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For Soprano and Recorders (1 player)
2017 ( 3 minutes)

Commissioned by John Turner for Gordon Crosse's 80th Birthday concert at Manchester University, 22nd October 2017.

Invoke Now the Angels

Invoke Now the Angels.jpg

For Soprano, Mezzo Soprano,
Countertenor and Piano
(2013) 12 minutes
Text by Kei Miller

"A large-scale, powerful piece with angular harmonies and a remarkable spareness."

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

"A gripping dramatic scena" 

Arnold Whittall, Gramophone Magazine



For Mezzo soprano and Piano
(2012) 3 minutes
Text by Andrew Motion

Written for Jennifer Johnston and Alisdair Hogarth to a specially commissioned text by Andrew Motion and premiered in 2012.

Love Bytes

Love Bytes.jpg

For Soprano, Baritone, Vibraphone and Cello
(2012) 4.5 minutes
Libretto by Tamsin Collison

"Frances-Hoad treads the fine line between a Walton-esque flippancy and the fragility of human connection and alienation; there is both wit and poignancy" 

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

"A snappy commentary on cyber-dating"

Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine

Love (of the Sort I'm After)


Tenor and Piano
(2017) 3 minutes
Text by Laura Mucha

"Love (of the sort that I’m after) found a perfect balance and counterpoint of verbal and musical expression: the setting of Mucha’s text gave the words room to breathe, while offering delicate inferences in the harmony and piano texture, and unaccompanied lines let the abstractions and florid imagery speak for themselves. This song truly captured the spirit of a troubadour’s troubled yet courtly love." 

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

Magic Lantern Tales

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For Tenor and Piano
(2015) 24 minutes
Text by Ian McMillan

"In Magic Lantern Tales, on World War One poems by Ian McMillan, the composer follows a well worn English path, but with her own highly persuasive contemporary language. Words and music are seamless partners equal partners, just as they should be..."

Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine

One Life Stand

One Life Stand.jpg

For Mezzo Soprano and Piano
(2011) 25 minutes
Text by Sophie Hannah

"Best of all is One Life Stand, a cycle of poems by Sophie Hannah, which follows a girl from dating to bereavement. Voice and piano are combined in all manner of inventive ways and it packs a hefty emotional punch."

Helen Wallace, BBC Music Magazine

Photo 51

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For 2 Sopranos, Countertenor and Tenor
(2015) 6 minutes
Text by Rosalind Franklin

"Jane Manning gives a priceless performance of Frances-Hoad’s 70th birthday gift, a witty homage compiled from the ludicrous Dont’s for Wives (1913)." Helen Wallace, BBC Music Magazine


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For Soprano and Piano

(2009) 4 minutes

Text by Ruth Padel

Commissioned by Carola Darwin and premiered on the Quay in Tenerife as part of a Dutch documentary about Darwin

Scenes from Autistic Bedtimes

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For Treble, Soprano, Vibraphone, Cello and Piano
(2013) 10 minutes
Text by Stuart Murray

"A heart-shredding portrait of life with an autistic child." Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine

A Song Incomplete

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For Soprano, Mezzo and Countertenor (or Mezzo)
(2013) 1.5 minutes 
Text by Aristotle

This short work was written for Cheryl's wedding to Brant Tilds and premiered during the ceremony.

Something More Than Mortal

Something More than Mortal.jpg

For Solo Soprano
(2016) 4 minutes
Text by Ada Lovelace

Something More than Mortal was commisssioned by Frances M Lynch as part of Electric Voice Theatre’s Minerva Scientifica project. The work sets excerpts of letters written by Ada Lovelace and takes melodic and rhythmic inspiration from the mathematics on which Ada worked, and the notes of her name. It was premiered by Frances at The Book Club in Shoreditch, London on the 1st August 2016.

Two Shakespeare Songs

Two Shakespeare Songs.jpg

For Soprano and Piano
(2014) 5 minutes
Text by Wiliam Shakespeare

"Frances-Hoad's Two Shakespeare Songs set two of Ophelia's songs, Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day and They bore him barefaced on the bier. The first has the underlying sense of a popular song, but with disturbing elements in vocal line and a glittery piano part. The second is hauntingly eerie with slow, slightly folk-sounding vocals."

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

The Thought Machine

The Thought Machine.jpg

For Soprano, Baritone and Piano
(2016) 16 minutes
Text by Kate Wakeling

"Frances-Hoad’s delight in the whimsical and wry is ever-present in these songs, as is her feeling for the sophistication of a child’s perspective..."

Claire Seymour, Opera Today 

Une Charogne

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For Contralto and Piano
(2019) 6 minutes
Poem by Charles Baudelaire

Commissioned by the Oxford Lieder Festival and premiered by Jess Dandy and Dylan Perez at the Holywell Music Room on the 23rd October 2019.

You Promised Me Everything

Last Night

You Promised Me Everything Last

For Soprano, Violoncello and Piano Four Hands
(2011) 3 minutes

"Dark humour also propels the daring outcry You Promised Me Everything Last Night, for high soprano."

Helen Wallce, BBC Music Magazine