Solo works (excluding keyboard)

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29 Rue d'Astorg


For Solo Accordion
(2020) 1.5 minutes

29 Rue d'Astorg was inspired by a surreal photo by Dora Marr.  The picture shows a headless statue in front of some arches at Versailles. I found the picture haunting and beautiful when I saw it at an exhibition at Tate Modern at the start of the year. 



For Solo Clarinet
(2008) 4 minutes

"Bouleumata for solo clarinet is just over three minutes long, and within that short space of time, demonstrates the virtuoso range of the instrument. There is a sense of natural flow and drama…this is a piece which deserves to become a staple part of the solo clarinet repertoire." 

Carla Rees, MusicWeb International 



For Solo Cello
(2002) 17 minutes

"In the premiere of Frances-Hoad's rhapsodic requiem, Excelsus, [Thomas Carroll] he and the music were as one in using the cello's natural temperament to explore telling emotion."

Geoffrey Norris, The Telegraph

McQueen Sketches

Image coming soon.jpg

For Solo Trombone
(2017) 5 minutes

Commissioned by the London Sinfonietta for their World Premiere Wednesdays series and premiered by Byron Fulcher at Kings place on 27th September 2017.


Image coming soon.jpg

For Solo Flute
(2013) 4 minutes

This work is an arrangement of Bouleumeta for solo clarinet.



For Tenor Saxophone
(2012) 9.5 minutes

"Inspired by Amy Johnson's pioneering flight to Australia, [Sarcanthus] starts as a slow, melancholy lament with a wide ranging melodic line. As the piece develops, material becomes more chromatic and rhythmically complex, but then slowly unwinds so that it finishes with a low keening." Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

The Snowwoman

The Snowwoman.jpg

For Solo Violin
(2007) 7 minutes

"Natalia Lomeiko’s dazzling violin playing comes to the fore in The Snow Woman, a 2007 work which is based on a Shaman story. The three movements are played without a pause, and the demands on the violinist are considerable."

Carla Rees, MusicWeb International

Something More Than Mortal

Something More than Mortal.jpg

For Solo Soprano
(2016) 4 minutes

Something More than Mortal was commisssioned by Frances M Lynch as part of Electric Voice Theatre’s Minerva Scientifica project. The work sets excerpts of letters written by Ada Lovelace and takes melodic and rhythmic inspiration from the mathematics on which Ada worked, and the notes of her name. It was premiered by Frances at The Book Club in Shoreditch, London on the 1st August 2016.

Suite No. 1

Suite No. 1.jpg

For Solo Violin
(2014) 12? minutes

"Frances-Hoad’s Suite No. 1 is a vibrant response to that work [Bach's E major Partita], circling around it and expanding upon some of its gestures with a light yet intense touch, and ending with a jig more rollicking than Bach’s."

Erica Jeal, The Guardian