Soloist(s) and Orchestra

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A Young Person's Guide to Composition

Young Person's Guide.jpg

For Young Performers and Orchestra
(2014) 24 minutes

Commissioned by the London Chamber Orchestra's Music Junction programme and premiered at Cadogan Hall on 22nd May 2014 by 150 school children and the London Chamber Orchestra conducted by
Christopher Warren Green.

Between the Skies, the

River and the Hills

Image coming soon.jpg

For Piano and Orchestra
(2018) 26 minutes

"Frances-Hoad has fashioned a concertante work that combines classical elegance with a warmly romantic sensibility and yet speaks eloquently for our own

troubled times."

Paul Driver, Musical Opinion

The Dreams That Fly

From Me

The Dreams That Fly From Me.jpg

For String Quartet and
String Orchestra 
(2002) 10 minutes

"A slow, studied opening led into a jagged, bouncing motif in which the orchestra alone worked up a considerable frenzy. The re-entry of the quartet had a calming effect, the textures becoming more staccato, eventually ending abruptly – and leaving a hunger for more. Hers is an exciting talent."

Martin Dreyer, The York Press

I Am You, Brave and Strong

I am you, brave and strong.jpg

For Young Performers and Orchestra
(2016) 16 minutes

"Frances-Hoad’s skilfully crafted score took the listener on a journey through each orchestral section, as initially tentative gestures – which exploited the instruments’ unique capabilities and characteristic sound-worlds – bloomed with forceful momentum and fiery animation." Claire Seymour, Seen and Heard International

Invocation for Yodit

Invocation for Yodit.jpg

For Cello and String Orchestra
(2015) 4 minutes

An arrangement of Invocation for 'cello and piano for cello and strings, in memory of Yodit Tekle. To be recorded by Toccata Classics for the Music For My Love project, date tbc



For Cello and Ensemble
(2013) 25 minutes

"The music can effortlessly evoke at different moments both great depths of feeling and a huge sense of fun. But there is nothing clichéd or artful about it, simply a composer revelling in the realisation of her own considerable abilities." 

Richard Hanlon, MusicWeb International

Last Man Standing

Image coming soon.jpg

For Baritone and Orchestra
(2018) 28 minutes
Libretto by Tamsin Collison

​"Music of eerie quiet, lyrical eloquence, proud declarations of duty, the summoning to battle, and mood-swings reflecting the horrors of conflagration, a roll-call of losses..."

Colin Anderson, Classical Source

Piano Concerto No. 1

Piano Concerto No. 1.jpg

For Piano and Orchestra
(2009) 26 minutes

Written with funding from Wicklow County Council's Per Cent for Art programme, and premiered by Bobby Chen and the Greystones Orchestra in May 2009 in Wicklow, Ireland.

A Refusal to Mourn

A Refusal to Mourn.jpg

For Oboe and Strings
(2000) 12 minutes

"...Bach inspired, while the actual notes of various Lutheran chorales form the cells on which the work is based, the finished article is unmistakeably Frances-Hoad’s own creation and in three brief movements weaves its inexorable way towards a perfectly

judged elegiac close." 

Richard Hanlon, MusicWeb International